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The parties can initiate civil proceedings before the competent court, in which they would request to establish the nullity of the gift contract.
The reasons for nullity can be all the general reasons provided for by the Law of Obligations (nullity due to subject matter; nullity due to grounds; incapacity to contract, etc.).
A specific reason that can be cited as a reason for the nullity of a gift contract is if the contract was concluded due to impermissible motives and if the impermissible motive influenced the decision of one contracting party to conclude the contract and if the other contracting party knew or should have known this, the contract will be void actions.
If the contracting parties conclude a gift contract with the intention of concealing the conclusion of another contract, in that case it is a simulated contract. Such a simulated one a contract by its very nature is an absolutely void legal transaction. There is no time limit for filing a lawsuit to establish absolute nullity.
A gift contract is voidable when it was concluded by a party with limited business capacity, when there was a flaw in the will of the parties when it was concluded. The right to demand the annulment of a voidable contract ends with the expiration of a period of one year from the knowledge of the reason for voidability, that is, from the end of coercion.