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A minor under the age of seven is not liable for the damage he causes. A minor between the ages of seven and fourteen is not liable for damage, unless it is proven that he was capable of reasoning when causing the damage. A minor over the age of fourteen is liable according to the general rules on liability for damage.

Parents are liable for damage caused by their child up to the age of seven, regardless of their own fault. They are released from liability if there are grounds for exclusion of liability under the rules on liability regardless of fault. They are not liable if the damage occurred while the child was entrusted to another person and if that person is responsible for the damage. Parents are liable for damage caused to another by their minor child who has reached the age of seven, unless they prove that the damage occurred through no fault of theirs. If, in addition to the parents, the child is responsible for the damage, their responsibility is joint and several.

The guardian, school or other institution is responsible for the damage caused by a minor while under the supervision of a guardian, school or other institution, unless they can prove that they exercised supervision in the manner they are required to, or that the damage would have occurred even with careful supervision .

The law also provides for the special responsibility of parents in a situation where the duty of supervision over a minor does not lies with the parents, but with another person, the injured party has the right to demand compensation from the parents, when the damage was caused by bad upbringing of minors, bad examples or vicious habits that his parents gave him, or otherwise the damage can be attributed to the parents.