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Bankruptcy law

In representing our clients, there have often been situations of bankruptcy of creditors or debtors of clients, which brought about the need for special dealing with this branch of law in our Office. Bankruptcy means a situation when there are not enough funds to collect all receivables. Therefore, in a given situation, the main goal of our work is the best possible protection of the interests of our clients and maximizing collection in bankruptcy proceedings. This protection includes, first of all, representing the client in bankruptcy proceedings as well as representation in civil proceedings for the realization and collection of receivables. In addition, the Office participates, as a legal advisor, in proceedings under Pre-pack Reorganization Plans (UPPR). In cooperation with certain financial advisors, whenever possible or when the circumstances of a particular case allow, we try to implement the procedure of rehabilitation of business entities either through UPPR or through reorganization plans submitted after the submission of proposals for bankruptcy proceedings.